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When to take the LNAT

Can I take the LNAT early, before the summer holiday?

No. You must take your LNAT and submit your UCAS form during the same cycle. If you are applying to UCAS in 2011-12 you must also take the LNAT during the 2011-12 testing year. This begins on 1 September 2011. If you take the LNAT in an earlier testing year your result will not be transmitted to universities and you will have to take the LNAT again at the correct time.

If I took the LNAT last year, is my result carried forward?
No. If you are reapplying through UCAS this year, you must also take the LNAT again this year. Results are not carried over from one year to the next.

What happens if I apply to study law at an LNAT- participating university but fail to take the test in time?
Your application will be rejected. You will have to apply again the following year, and take the LNAT then.

I will be travelling or working abroad on a 'gap year' when the LNAT starts. What do I do?
You must still take the LNAT. If you will not be at home before the relevant deadline, you must register to take the LNAT before the relevant deadline in the country where you are working or travelling. There are test centers all over the world.

General LNAT Questions

Why can't I sit the test at my school or college?
We are committed to providing a standard, secure testing environment for all of our candidates worldwide. We also need a dedicated computer network to make on-screen testing possible. On-screen testing ensures quick and reliable global distribution of our questions, your answers, and your LNAT result. It also eliminates any scope for error in the scoring of multiple-choice tests and the scanning of essays.

If there are a lot of different test-dates, isn't there a risk that some people will find out the questions in advance?
No. Those who sit on different dates will sit different test papers. We have a large bank of multiple-choice questions and a large bank of essay topics from which a vast number of different papers can be automatically generated. All questions have been carefully calibrated to ensure that scoring is comparable across every variant of the test paper.

Who runs the LNAT?
The LNAT is operated by LNAT Consortium Ltd in partnership with Pearson VUE, the computer-based testing business of international media company Pearson Education. The test is professionally written and calibrated by Edexcel for Pearson VUE. For more information see About LNAT.

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