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About LNATThe LNAT, short for the National Admissions Test for Law, a computer-based testing programme offered by Pearson Education.

The LNAT is the entrance examination run by an association of several UK-based universities to select undergraduate students for their law degree programme.

The National Admissions Test for Law (or LNAT) was therefore developed to help university admissions tutors learn more about individual candidates and their aptitude for studying law.

It does this by assessing a candidate’s intellectual abilities, rather than their knowledge of particular subjects including law, measuring their abilities in critical reasoning, comprehension and command of written English.

Members of the company, who also nominate its board of directors, are seven of the Universities that use the LNAT as part of their law admissions process. They are the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Nottingham and Oxford, together with King's College London and UniversitTy College London. Other Universities have adopted the LNAT as customers of LNAT Consortium Ltd.

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