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Students wishing to appear for the LNAT must register online. This is a two-step process: first, create a web account which contains the user profile, and then, on confirmation of creation of the profile, book and pay for a test appearance.

Detailed guidelines on registration and booking are available at the LNAT site
Registration starts from 1 August, and UCAS applications from 1 September. Test sessions begin from 1 September onwards and it is recommended that you time your registration to have ample time to initiate the application process for selected schools or universities which have their own admission timetables.

Test entrance fees for UK candidates is £ 40 and for others £ 60. Fees must be paid in full at the time of booking, else no place will be confirmed. UK/EU students who have special considerations for waiver of entrance fees can make use of a grant system provided to such candidates by LNAT.



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